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Welcome to Hotel Rock Regency's Explore Mount Abu Guide!

Unveil the Mysteries of Mount Abu and Beyond: Your Ultimate Guide to Exploration ​

At Hotel Rock Regency, nestled amidst the scenic beauty of Mount Abu, we’re delighted to unveil an exclusive insider’s guide to the wonders of our beloved destination. Explore Mount Abu through the lens of our local expertise, curated to make your stay with us an unforgettable experience.

 Dilwara Temples

Discover the intricate marble architecture and spiritual significance of these ancient Jain temples, renowned for their stunning craftsmanship.

Nakki Lake

A serene water body enveloped by lush greenery, offering boating activities and breathtaking sunset views.

Guru Shikhar

The highest peak in the Aravalli Range, providing panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscape.


Achalgarh Fort

Delve into history at this centuries-old fort, housing ancient temples and providing a glimpse into the region’s royal past.



Nature’s Retreats
Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Encounter diverse flora and fauna in this sanctuary, home to various species of wildlife amidst scenic landscapes.

Hiking Trails

Explore the natural beauty of Mount Abu through well-marked trails, offering both adventure and serene escapades.


Cultural Delights

Local Markets

Experience the vibrant colours and flavours of Mount Abu by strolling through bustling markets, offering handicrafts, textiles, and local cuisine.

Sunset Points

Witness the mesmerising hues of dusk from popular viewpoints, creating unforgettable moments.

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